Decentralized exchange and finance platform dedicated to the tokenized gaming & metaverse industry. Platform is home for users to swap, stake gaming & metaverse tokens, auction their non-fungible tokens, monetize their game experience, and find important information about currently available games & metaverse rooms with their respective play to earn ranking.

Our mission

To offer the crypto-gaming & metaverse industry its own dedicated platform that will combine all community needs.

To allow the crypto-gaming & metaverse community to swap, trade, and utilize their experience, tokens, and NFT assets.

To provide the community with information relevant play-to-earn ranking free of bias towards the gaming & metaverse industry.

Why cardano?

Blockchain Decentralization

Cardano is widely expected to be the new cryptocurrency standard-setter. The network has the potential to challenge the status quo embedded in monopoly and bureaucratic power structures in the crypto world.


Cardano is least energy demanding blockchains that do not require the PoW. This helps to enhance the viability of Thothus, its efforts to maintain best efficiency and resource requirements.

Development Flexibility

Thothus utilizes the PAB that makes a easy development of a decentralized financial native application, since Plutus enables developers to concentrate on the application's frontend and business logic.

Technological Efficiency

Each development stage or era in Cardano’s roadmap is underpinned by a research-based framework that includes peer-reviewed insights using an evidence-based approach to progress and reach insights into the future of the blockchain network.

Platform products

Thothus provides cryptocurrency based games & token holders a unified platform for various requirements.

Metaverse Swap

Platform that allows gamers to swap their game & metaverse tokens. Thothus enables users to buy and sell digital game & metaverse assets in a trustless environment.

Metaverse Farm

Protocol that offers farming of game & metaverse tokens by staking them as collateral in a smart contract. The platform enables yield farming to users, allowing them to receive a dynamic APY based on each token's farming yield.

Metaverse Marketplace

Thothus is home for gamers and collectors by enabling to auction their in-game & metaverse Non-Fungible Tokens with other users in a decentralized environment.

Metaverse Library

The combined knowledge of users creates a virtual library of helpful material, benefiting the entire gaming & metaverse community with knowledge and compensation.

Metaverse Rankings

Providing advanced algorithms of the currently available metaverse games on the market and assigning each game on their play-to-earn profitability for platform users.



The Thothus protocol will follow its tokens’ given distribution and allocation

Total Token Supply: 95,000,000 TOT

Seed 1.5% 1425000 18% on TGE, Full payout in 12 months
Private 10% 9500000 18% on TGE, Full payout in 14 months
Public 2.5% 2375000 100% on TGE
Liquidity 26% 24700000 5 % on TGE
Marketing 8% 7600000 5 % on TGE
Team & Advisors 12% 11400000 Locked for 6 months / after 10% every second month
Treasury Reserves 10% 9500000 Uncirculated
Users Incentives 5% 4750000 Locked for 5 months / after 10% every second month
Development 25% 23750000 Locked for 5 months / after 10% every second month



Total Token Supply: 95,000,000 Tot

Our team


Team consists of seasoned crypto industry professionals and enthusiasts that gathered together to create THOTHUS.

Let’s start with Thothus


What makes Thothus unique?

Thothus will offer the crypto-gaming industry its own dedicated platform that will combine all community needs, allow the crypto-gaming community to swap, trade, and utilize their experience, tokens, and NFT assets. Also provide the community with information relevant to games and their play-to-earn ranking free of bias towards the gaming industry.

How Thothus voting will work?

Any member of the community will be able to post a proposal on the official forum. Proposal submissions with a high degree of approval from the community will have a poll added to their threads by the Thothus team creating an Alpha proposal. Alpha proposals that receive a final vote of approval on the forum from the community using the poll will then be moved to the platform as an Omega proposal, where governance token holders will vote on the final proposal to decide its outcome.

What are the security measures of Thothus?

We place a high value on the security of our system and take it very seriously. We understand the complexity of the protocol, the difficulties in deploying a bug-free application, and the responsibility that comes with maintaining a protocol that adds value to people. As a result, we've put in a significant amount of work to ensure that top professionals analyze the system and that every line of code is thoroughly scrutinized internally.

What impact community will have on Thothus?

Thothus is fundamentally managed by its community, which communicates through the platform's official forum and, when appropriate, by voting on proposals posted on the platform. The community will be able to vote on major structural changes while the Thothus team decides on smaller modifications that affect operations, such as adjustments to Thothus farming pairs.

Why Cardano is superior?

It is the only blockchain that is developed by a global team of leading academics and engineers through a collective process of peer review and iteration. It is the first blockchain platform built in the Haskell programming language and is the only one built in a functional programming language. It is one of the few blockchains to focus on the needs of enterprise users, with a strong foundation in regulated industries such as finance and the public sector. Cardano also features a layered architecture, allowing for separate protocols to be added to the base protocol to meet the needs of different use cases.

How to earn income with Thothus?

Users participating in the Metaverse Library will be able to monetize their gaming knowledge by providing paid content that will be paid in (TOT) tokens; users will also be able to donate and receive donations from other users in (TOT) tokens. The Thothus protocol will award (TOT) to users participating in the Metaverse Farm when explicitly subscribed by the user in any of the available pools.

Private sale


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